Tony Blair and You

Tony Blair is a man of deep faith and conviction who has committed his influence and position on the world stage to create dialogue and civility in and around the area of faith.  I believe he sets a tremendous example of someone using their influence and affluence for positive change in the area of business and politics he knows best.  What is your area of experience and expertise?  How could you use YOUR years of learning and influence to make the world a better place.  You don’t need to be Prime Minister to change the culture in the schools or a neighborhood within ten miles of where you live and work.  See more about the Tony Blair Foundation below and be inspired to think through how you can take a step towards engaging in change.  Like Mr. Blair, if there is something you care deeply about and would like to work towards changing by using your influence and affluence…I can help you get started.  Give me a call and let’s talk.  Taking that first step could change everything!


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation aims to promote respect and understanding about the world’s major religions and show how faith is a powerful force for good in the modern world.

Faith is vitally important to hundreds of millions of people. It underpins systems of thought and of behaviour. It underpins many of the world’s great movements for change or reform, including many charities. And the values of respect, justice and compassion that our great religions share have never been more relevant or important to bring people together to build a better world.

But religious faith can also be used to divide. We have seen throughout history and today we still see how it can be distorted to fan the flames of hatred and extremism.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is a response to these opportunities and challenges. We will use the full power of modern communications to support and step up efforts at every level to educate, inform and develop understanding about the different faiths and between them.