Year End Giving 101

Almost every day I talk with someone who desires to live with more meaning and purpose.  One guaranteed way of feeding this desire is to give.  The act of giving is sacred.  When you consider others and act – you are changed.  The end of 2011 is upon us and year end bonus’ and as we consider our many blessings thoughts of others less fortunate go through our heads. As you consider year end gifts go with your heart and use your head.  To follow is a helpful hint.

Pick a cause with your heart and then an organization with your mind.  Giving should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. What are you passionate about?  Whether you have $50.00 or $500,000.00 there is a project or movement that you can join financially and your giving matters.  If you can’t come up with something specific consider financially supporting the team at  After spending a few months with them I believe what Dan, Russell and Kerry are doing at Giving of Life is transformational and pioneering a movement, with a very small budget, in using the leverage of social media to encourage and fund small charities that need our support.  Giving of Life is one worthy group to support.