Who is Robbing You?

Idols in our life rob us of a great freedom and joy we were created to express and experience.  John ends the book of first John in the New Testament by saying, “Little children, keep yourself from idols”(I John 5:21).  John knows that unwarranted affection towards something other than God would steal years of love and relationship.

I believe strongly in the power of twelve step programs for addicts.  If you share my addiction to STUFF (and you do I promise!), journey with me in Taking “Step 1” to ridding yourself of the thief of idolatry.  Read Tim Keller’s book on Counterfeit God’s for the best, and most informative, description of the churches addiction to Pride, Popularity and Greed

Also see: Introduction to Counterfeit Gods from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo.

Confronting Idols and Making Disciples by Dr. Chris Wright of Langham Partnership below:

Confronting Idols & Making Disciples from Medri Kinnon Productions on Vimeo.