Encouragement for Board Members and Fundraisers of All Stripes

Though The Catalyst Philanthropic Initiative is primarily focused on encouraging and supporting the Sacred Act of Giving most who take the time to read sit on Boards, Operate Foundations or have projects they are working to get funded.  For this reason I offer the following which I shared this morning with colleagues at American Bible Society.

Recently I ran across a quote from Jerry Panas I found encouraging.  At times most of us can get overwhelmed with distractions and busy-work and forget why we are here and how great a privilege we have in our work.  In the chapter You’re Never a Loser Until You Quit Trying Jerry helps me refocus when he says:

“Keep in mind that men and women don’t want to give money away.  They want to invest in great causes, in bold and exciting dreams.  They want to feel they’re helping change lives and save lives.  It’s your job to help them understand their money can make that happen…with a little help from you.”