My Blue Like Jazz Story

Times Square Screening NYC

Trailblazing in business is not for the faint of heart.  In media and finance it is a bloodsport!  Add a dash of working to create a new cultural genre in film…and you get Blue Like Jazz the Drama!

A few years ago I worked with Steve Taylor, Don Miller and the Executive Producers of Blue Like Jazz the Movie (Opening Today).

My job?  Raise Capital from Institutional Investors to fund the movie.  It was difficult.  I used every relationship in my network and the other Producers, Don and Steve’s network and still few showed interest at the six figure level.  Only the commitment of Steve Taylor…a six year commitment that may cost him everything made today’s opening possible.

If you are considering a trailblazing project you must be “all in” and willing to give your life, blood, sweat and tears – so prepare for the long-haul and be willing to pay almost any price. That is the recipe for success.  And go see the movie!