This week I have been reading John Piper’s new book, Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God.  I commend it to everyone who desires a clarity of the role of thinking and the mind in seeking and knowing. I’ve read so many books that elevate the mind or create a puffed-up sense of intellectual superiority – this is not one of them.  This book is Piper’s attempt for balance between what has become an arguably over-emotional understanding of God, and the pride and arrogance that some ‘well-educated’ individuals have demonstrated.  I am grateful Think is not ‘against’ anything.  Piper closes Chapter 1 with a personalized reason for writing Think that says much about his Pilgrimage:

“Thinking is not an end in itself.  Nothing but God himself is finally and end in itself. Thinking is not the goal of life. Thinking, like non-thinking, can be the ground for boasting.  Thinking, without prayer, without the Holy Spirit, without obedience, without love, will puff up and destroy.  But thinking under the mighty hand of God, thinking soaked in prayer, thinking carried by the Holy Spirit, thinking tethered to the Bible, thinking in pursuit of more reasons to praise and proclaim the glories of God, thinking in the service of love – such thinking is indispensable in a life of fullest praise to God.”