For the new or seasoned giver my experience, understanding and expertise in finance and philanthropy helps create efficiencies and lower start-up time and costs allowing donors to get moving faster. Almost every day I work or talk with someone who desires to live with more meaning and purpose.  Whether it is the funding of a trust, sale of a business, retirement and repurposing of your experience, or multi-year giving project I want to assist and help get you moving.  Please call if you would like to know how to take the fist steps in creating a legacy of giving, inspiration and hope that will transform the lives of many…beginning with your own.

A ‘catalyst’ is something that initiates or causes an event to take place.  That’s why my philanthropic consulting company is named The Catalyst Group of Tennessee, LLC.  Enjoy the content and let me know how I can help.  Email me at and be sure to visit my LinkedIn profile where you will see testimonials of others I have worked with.  Catalyst website:

My hope for you is that you will be inspired, informed and able to gather the confidence to take that first step.  Initial conversations to discuss your project are complimentary and a great way of discovering a couple of first steps. I can be reached at 615-310-0637. Tom Grimm

* Philanthropy may seem like a stuffy word but it is the best I know to describe the act of investing our time and financial resources in others.  “Philo” means love and “anthropos” is man – giving us literally – the love of man so anyone who gives of their money, time, talent, skills, network or experience – of any amount – is a philanthropist.  Until someone shares with me a better term to describe our commitment of time and resources I’ll keep using the word Philanthropy.