The Catalyst Group

Tom Grimm, President at The Catalyst Group of Tennessee, LLC (LinkedIn)

Tom Grimm is a thoughtful leader in philanthropy and the field of finance. Over the years, he has directed and served as senior advisor of philanthropy for international charities such as World Vision and American Bible Society and been a banker with London-based Merrill Lynch Europe. He co-founded the Northstar Opportuntistic Real Estate Investment Fund and founded/directed a private wealth management firm while also serving on a number of national committees and nonprofit boards.

Tom’s energy, creativity and passion to join God where He is at work in and through His people is contagious. His exceptional insight into business and charitable missions make him a sought after advisor and an engaging speaker. Tom adores his wife of eighteen years and when in Franklin, he may be found cheering his daughters at a track meet or championing his sons on the football field.

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