Year End Giving 101

Almost every day I talk with someone who desires to live with more meaning and purpose.  One guaranteed way of feeding this desire is to give.  The act of giving is sacred.  When… Continue reading

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Talks About Her New Book: Giving 2.0

I absolutely love it when people use their influence and Affluence in leveraged and wise ways.  Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen definitely qualifies as a Catalyst and Good Neighbor Fellow – though she doesn’t know it… Continue reading

Tony Blair and You

Tony Blair is a man of deep faith and conviction who has committed his influence and position on the world stage to create dialogue and civility in and around the area of faith. … Continue reading

Five Quick Giving Trends for 2010

These facts can be attributed to the Giving USA 2011 report and article found here. Total charitable giving has increased in current dollars in every year since tracking began in 1954 except in: 1987,… Continue reading

The Complexities of Life

For more than 20 years I have participated in training sessions, retreats and conferences led by well meaning financial advisors and family coaches focused on working with ‘affluent clients’.  The hot subjects for… Continue reading

Why Your Non-Profit Needs to Stop Ignoring LinkedIn

Why Your Non-Profit Needs to Stop Ignoring LinkedIn.